Defining MVP

MVP 1.jpg

Had to many clients start off well with a great MVP app idea. But when it comes to the prototype and designing. They go way past what's needed for the first iteration of the app or website.

Adding all kinds of bells and whistles. That are nice to haves but not necessary. Guessing what a customer or user will need and want.

But that’s just it! Until you put in the hands of real people you’re guessing. Hoping that you are making what they need but also find enjoyable enough to keep on using.

It's not a less is more way of thinking. It's a just enough to work.

Don't get hung up getting it 100% perfect to ship. Get out the door! Find out what's not working and build out on more of what is.

There is nothing more debilitating than waiting to make something perfect. Only to find out that you made a better mouse trap, but the problem you needed to solve was how to get rid of all the flies.

Create, Learn, Repeat

Good Seed App Icon

Good Seed App got with me to do a quick turnaround on an app icon design.  The client requested an app icon that had a clean, simple design. 



I went circle crazy this time. This was a very new way for me to design logo/app icons. I have always done shapes and cut outs with my UI icons for navication and tabs, but never a full design. I loved it and will be using this method more often. 


For the splash screen I continued using the same green gradient from the app icon and a centered logo. 

(Below) There were a lot of different paths that we explored. I wanted to try a line icon. But when I was testing it out on my physical devices (Thank you sketch app mirror) the lines blurred together and it turned into a blob. Because icons are small even with a high resolution on devices. 

Differnt Mock ups. 

Differnt Mock ups. 

The App Buisness card 

The App Buisness card