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Picking out stuff for the Birthday Girl to try on.

Picking out stuff for the Birthday Girl to try on.

Sunday, my sister-in-law had a birthday and I was recently inspired by Kirsten Lewis' - A Day in the Life Style of photography. So I brought my camera along and decided to try it out, as my wife and I spent the day shopping with Cass and a few of her friends. 

It was difficult at first to not have the girls look at the camera and smile every time they saw me. But once they all started to ignore me and hearing the camera taking pictures, I was able to capture some really fun and interesting pictures. The pictures just felt way more personal and intimate. The moments I got felt real like I was peeking into someones life and not some Instagram filtered "perfect" life.   

This would be great for family's where mom or pop is never in the pictures like a day at the zoo. Or birthdays where I the photographer could worry about saving the memories and they could just enjoy the party/screaming kids. 

It was definitely a great experiment and experience and I will keep playing with the idea. I like this style of photography a lot more then the overused posed and studio feel.